Why ReShortcuts?

I'm not a JetBrains guy but I love ReSharper!
It is an amazing tool which I'm using almost every day. Unfortunately, a lot of developers think that ReSharper only adds ALT+ENTER shortcut.
Of course, ALT+ENTER is very useful and probably the most widely used shortcut - but ReSharper offers you much, much more!
With this site I'd like to share with you my love to ReSharper and show how to use ReSharper effectively.
And maybe encourage you to buy my book :)

It is time to learn!

Lesson 1 - Basic shortcuts

Surround with, Available quick-fixes and context actions, Code completion, Smart code completion, Go to file member, Go to declaration, Go to implementation, Rename.

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Lesson 2 - Basic shortcuts 2

Safe delete, Duplicate a line or selection, Generate code, Quick documentation, Go to base symbols, File Structure window, Select file in Solution Explorer, Parameter info

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Lesson 3 - Navigation

Go to next member/tag, Go to previous member/tag, Recent files, Create bookmark 1 (you can use numbers 1 .. 9), Go to bookmark 1 (you can use numbers 1 .. 9), List of all bookmarks, Go to recent edits, Go to type of symbol, Related files, Go to file

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Lesson 4 - Create & Editing

Introduce variable, Live templates, File template, Select containing declaration, Comment with block comment, Comment with line comment

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Lesson 5 - Refactoring

Refactor this, Change signature, Move code down, Move code up, Move to separate file, Move argument left, Move argument right, Extract method, Apply Inline refactoring

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Lesson 6 - Code analysis

Toggle code analysis in the current file, Go to next code issue, Go to previous code issue, Inspect this, Code cleanup, Parameter information

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Lesson 7 - Navigation 2

Go to last edited location, Navigate to…, Value origin and destination, Move to next error, Move to previous error, Create bookmark 9 (you can use numbers 1 .. 9), Go to bookmark 9 (you can use numbers 1 .. 9), Go to containing declaration

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Lesson 8 - Unit testing

Unit Test Explorer, Unit Test Sessions, Run all Unit Tests in solution, Run Unit Tests from current session, Run unit tests, Debug unit tests

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Lesson 9 - Additional windows

Structure window, Inspection Results window, Stack Trace Explorer, Hierarchies window, Todo lists, Paste multiple

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ReShortcuts is in BETA phase! All issues and ideas can be reported on GitHub